Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A new addition to our family

It's been quite a while since I shared a post. But, we have had a lot going on this year. My nutritional weight loss business is taking off (great)! We have our first grandson, Oliver Patrick Himelein, a wonderful blessing. My parents were here over Memorial Day weekend and we went camping with our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters in Colorado Springs. It seems life is just zipping by and before I know it..... We went to the FlyingW Ranch for dinner and a celebration of our son-in-law's mothers' birthday. His Aunt and cousin joined us as well. I am downloading some software to start digital scrapbooking. Will still do the traditional but starting 2010, will go mostly digital. Maybe that way I can get more done, in a timely fashion? We will see....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Have been pretty busy but here's a post

Just a note to tell you what I have been up to since I last posted. Some of you may know that last year(actually almost 2 years ago), I have been working with my partner with Sterling Partnerships to get a Neutraceutical company started. It has a good ROI, and even in slow economic times supplements do well. We officially started this business a year ago, had some investors come in with us at the end of January. Received our first 2 products the end of March, with another due the end of this month.

In between, we have been busy with our property back East, 3 weeks back there. With a lot of help from friends and relatives (Thank You)! We also have been working with another couple in bringing LifeLight Festival to Colorado and had our first outside concert at the end of August.

Now, we had a couple of super affiliates approach us to campaign our ads and emails for our business. The business we are in is CleanseToThin, Inc. doing business as Core Health Innovations, which is the banner ad that is on this blog and why it is on my blog. We have had amazing results with people who are Leptin resistant. It is a niche product and Leptothin really only works for people who are leptin resistant. We also have a cleanse product, that is very gentle, works during the night and you are not afraid to go about your regular day activities while using it.

Our son has told us that he has asked his girlfriend Liz to be his wife (woo hoo!!). Just found out last week that the company he has been working for as a contract worker, wants him to come on with them, a NICE raise.

Our oldest granddaughter started 7th grade this year, makes me feel really old.... Our youngest is in 5th grade this year. We just helped with school fund raisers, and had a nice picnic with our son-in-law's mother on labor day.

I think that brings you up to date, with where we are at. I plan on posting some pictures and scrapbook pages in the next week or two. Thanks for stopping by....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's been awhile

Well, I don't know what to say except it has been extremely busy with this new business I am a partner in. As well as going back to Pennsylvania to work on our house that we are building there. I used to say, that I was going on vacation, but it is not a vacation. We work from the time we get up till the time we go to bed almost every day that we are there. This year was no exception, although we did get to see our youngest neice on the Himelein side graduate. We went and watched the Findley Lake, fireworks, and went to our best friends' grandson's 16 year birthday party. But, those were squeezed in and we were so tired, I don't know if I really remember much about them.

Then, this year, I hurt myself while helping with the house. It was really stupid, but I was helping to hold a board that was heavier than I should have been trying to hold. Gordy was telling me to back up, and we had holes that had been drilled (not the right word) for posts for the porch that were open and I backed into it. My whole right leg went into the hole, as it was 4 1/2 feet deep. I twisted my ankle and my hips, because Gordy was holding the rest of the board, I had to help myself out of the hole. It's been almost two months, and it's getting better, but still very sore.

My oldest granddaughter started middle school this year. My youngest granddaughter at this point is starting 5th grade. It's so hard to see them grow up, yet exciting as well. My beautiful daughter, celebrated her birthday last night and we had a good time with her family. Her husband surprised her, because she thought he was working and he put it all together for everyone to come in except for us, we got there early. She thought her Dad, and I were taking her and the girls out to eat. It was cool to see her face as everyone showed up at the same time.

I have been scrapbooking, but not as much as I probably should have been. I will post some pages this weekend. I also ordered a new camera, it is a panasonic lumex FZ-30; I can't wait until it gets here..... I am hoping sometime this weekend or the first of next week. The pictures it takes are wonderful. One of my partners in our business, has one, and lent it to me for when we were back East. The pictures were awesome, as my other partner always says. I am hoping to get some of my recent pictures put in scrapbook pages soon, but I am also working on heritage pages. We'll see which one wins out this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Day with our Granddaughters

Okay, more pool pictures, but as well we played volleyball. We thought we could teach them how to play, but they tired of it real quickly. Hopefully, they will use the volleyball more throughout the summer.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Card and Pool Party

Another pool picture, my granddaughters are loving the fact they have a pool at their apartments. So, they are having a lot of pool parties this year.

This was a make and take card class that Pam Smerker had at Scrapbook Destinations. We had a lot of fun, as we always do with Pam. I got to meet a few new people, and a couple have developed a friendship.